Vitamin A is a vital nutrient that supports the body’s development and strengthens the immune system.

Normally, we derive vitamin A from the food we eat, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, beef liver, salmon, and several dairy products. Having a balanced, healthful […]

EC Technology and EC Fans

An EC motor (EC = electonically commutated) is a brushless, direct current, external rotor type of motor. In commutation electronics, an AC voltage is changed into […]

Indoor HEPA filters significantly reduce pollution indoors when outside air unhealthy, study finds

Outdoor air pollution is a major contributor to indoor air pollution — but high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters used in the home significantly reduce fine-particulate matter […]

Air quality requirements – How do HEPA Filters keep air clean?

In a medical environment, effective disinfection and sterility are critical to maintaining patient health, while reducing the chance of harming patients with compromised or weak immune […]

Just a few drinks can change how memories are formed

One of the many challenges with battling alcohol addiction and other substance abuse disorders is the risk of relapse, even after progress toward recovery. Even pesky […]

Obese mice lose a third of their fat using a natural protein

To the great surprise of cancer researchers, a protein they investigated for its possible role in cancer turned out to be a powerful regulator of metabolism. […]

This headband reads your brain waves to help you meditate

This headband reads your brain waves to help you meditate — here’s what happened when we tried it Interaxon, a Canadian venture-backed start-up, set out with […]